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A Different Kind of Company, a Different Approach to Business

We believe that what businesses need the most isn’t another cookie-cutter consulting company or interactive agency. Instead business owners need people with a vested interest in their success and with tools and expertise to help them to really improve. We won’t try to sell you a lot of stuff that you don’t value or tell you what you already know. We pride ourselves on our focus on understanding your concerns and helping you reach your goals, no more and no less.

Social Media for Business

Social Media is a great way to promote your business, especially during difficult economic times.

  • Many social media sites are free or very inexpensive
  • Social media sites like Facebook have a expansive reach
  • Social media can be very effective (click image above for more)

Social Media ROI

Many business are struggling to understand the return on investment for social media. This lack of understanding has resulted in slow adoption of social media tools despite widespread expectation that they are lower in cost to deploy than traditional marketing or customer care approaches (click on image above for more)

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