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LightThread is a business and digital strategy consulting company with a deep interest in improving businesses. We have extensive experience in product management & development, strategy, marketing and application development. Major brands and companies that we have worked with in current and past roles include Hallmark, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-Siemens Networks, PRTM, EDS, John Deere, United Way, IDEO, Mobile Symmetry, Open Air Ventures, Festworks, MidAmerica Neuroscience, Physical Sagacity, Myriad Tech, Zappn & SportingKC.


“Thanks to the entire team! We are very happy with our new site. It was amazing that you were able to launch the site in time for Holiday Mart. This allowed us to showcase our new site to 25,000 potential patients in one weekend! I also look forward to working with you in the future!”

– Becky Abts, Associated Plastic Surgeons

“LightThread to the rescue! I knew what I needed to get my company up and running, but I sure as heck didn’t know how to do it myself! LightThread listened to what I had to say, assured me that it was going to turn out great and within a week designed a website and brochure and I was up and running quickly. I received professional, personalized, creative service and from-the-heart care from LightThread, my unofficial Creative Director!! Thank you LightThread for ‘trampoline-ing’ me into business!!”

-Linda Chappell, President of Spiritworks

“As a one man start-up, my web presence is crucial to my branding. Its one of my most important assets in defining my company and building credibility. While I’m modestly technical, I’m no web expert and I’m certainly not a graphic designer. So I turned to LightThread for help.

The team I worked with at LightThread asked me questions about my business and about what I was looking for – and they really listened. They asked me very good questions and helped me think about my web presence in ways that probably never would have occurred to me.

Based upon the initial discussion, they came back with initial thoughts (including a new logo) and several different ideas about how we could approach the site. They helped me pick the ideas that best fit what I’m trying to accomplish, then developed a working prototype that was professional and eye-catching. Most importantly, it completely matched the image I was trying to convey. We worked closely together to finalize the site, and when it was done they spent a few hours with me to make sure I understand how it was set up, even making sure I knew how to maintain and expand the site myself. Finally, they proactively scheduled follow-on meetings with me to make sure I was satisfied and to make sure everything was working the way I wanted it to.

When I first launched my business, I would cringe every time someone asked me about my web presence. Now I look forward to the question knowing I’ve got a professional and effective web presence – but I couldn’t have done it without LightThread!

In addition to providing a great presence, the folks at LightThread were a dream to work with. They were proactive and timely, never missing a commitment. Their knowledge and creativity in approaching problems is impressive. Most importantly, they listen. Throughout the entire process it was very clear that the entire project was about my company’s success. I’d recommend LightThread to anyone who is trying to upgrade the impact of their web presence. LightThread ROCKS!”

-Michael Halperin, President of FreeBridge Services

“LightThread has helped us to define our web strategies and become aware of how what we do today will affect our web presence for years to come. By implementing strategies and recommendations from LightThread we have created a clear vision for Canal Solutions’ Internet marketing and we are able to get that messsage to our target market more effectively!”

-Jennifer Means, Principal at Canal Solutions