LightThread Participates in Gigabit City Effort

(Kansas City, Missouri) – About one hundred Kansas City business, civic and social media leaders will be gathering at the Kansas City Public Library to brainstorm ideas for Google’s Gigabit Fiber initiative. Sponsored by the Social Media Club of Kansas City (more info on SMCKC), the effort will harness the brightest minds in Kansas City in an “open source” effort to promote new ideas on how to use Google’s new fiber infrastructure.  Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, will be the first cities in the country to deploy this new network. Over the past year, more than 1000 cities across the country competed to be selected the first Google Fiber city. Kansas City’s selection has prompted an unprecedented level of collaboration between public and private sectors and the Gigabit City effort led by SMCKC is one of the first to harness the thinking of leaders across the community.

“New ideas are the best way to make Google Fiber work.” Said Simon Kuo, LightThread Managing Partner. “Kansas City can be the model for other cities who hope to deploy ultra high speed networks to drive economic development and innovation in these challenging economic times. We know that this works to reinvigorate our industries and look forward to being part of this effort.”

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